Most school activities (classes, coffee breaks, etc.) will take place on the second floor of the Amado building (home of the math department) which is connected to the ground floor of the Segoe building (home of the Architecture department), located on Technion’s campus . Posted signs in the building will guide you to school lecture halls. The reception will take place in the Math department lounge, on the 8th floor of Amado building.
All mini courses and invited talks will be held in the Segoe 1 Auditorium.  Short talks will be held concurrently in Segoe 1, Amado 231 and Amado 232 (in 3 simultaneous sessions). The conference reception will take place just outside of the Segoe 1 Auditorium.

The school schedule will be maintained up-to-date here. To view the schedule in your favorite calendar application use the following iCal link:

(if you are using Google calendar, you can just click here).