General public transportation information
We recommend using Google maps for travel directions (by public transportation or car). For your convenience, Google Maps links are included below (just click on the venue/place). The smartphone app moovit also works very well in Israel.

Trains run 24 hours all week, except during the Israeli Shabbat weekend (Friday afternoon to Saturday evening). Tickets are purchased before you board the train, either from an agent at the ticket office or using the automated machines, both options available at all stations. Credit cards are accepted. Click here for train’s website

Please note that due to ongoing construction works, the service from/to the airport to/from Haifa will not operate on Friday and during 22:30-04:30 Monday to Thursday (check for updates on the train website). We will provide a designated bus to the airport on Friday. See getting to the airport below.
Buses run 24 hours all week, with a limited schedule at night and during the Israeli Shabbat weekend (Friday afternoon to Saturday evening). In particular, there are no buses from the airport to Haifa during the Shabbat weekend. Click here for bus’s website.
Make sure to use only authorized taxis and insist that the driver turns on the meter. A very convenient way for ordering a taxi is using the smartphone app “gett“.  Uber and other ride sharing services are essentially non-existent in Israel. Most taxi drivers accept only cash.
Getting to the school venue 
Most school activities (classes, coffee breaks, reception, etc.) will take place on the second floor of the Amado building (home of the math department) which is connected to the ground floor of the Segoe building (home of the Architecture department), located on Technion’s campus (see the Schedule/Locations tab for more information). Depending on where from and how you are coming, choose one of the following.
Participants staying in Dan Panorama hotels:
A designated bus will take all participants from/to hotels to/from the Technion.  For the ride to the Technion, the bus will leave daily at 7:50 from just outside the Hotel. For the return trip, the bus will leave shortly after the last event of the day from the drop-off point.
Participants staying in the Forchheimer guesthouse:
Just walk for 5 minutes!

Participants arriving via public transportation from outside Haifa:
We recommend taking the train to “Haifa Hof HaKarmel (Razi’el)” train station and then either a taxi or a bus to Technion. See train+bus/taxi option below.

Participants arriving by car:
Just say that you are coming for the conference at the gate to the Technion. You may park anywhere on campus.


Getting to your accommodation from the airport
Most/all foreign participants arrive to Israel through Ben-Gurion airport and
stay in either the Forchheimer gueshouse, or the Dan Panorama hotel (see the Accommodation tab for further accommodation information). 
There there are essentially 4 options to get to your accommodation. Unless you are willing to pay the full cost of a taxi (or share with someone), we recommend using the train + bus/taxi option if you arrive outside of the Israeli Shabbat weekend (Friday afternoon to Saturday evening) and otherwise the shared shuttle option. 

Train + bus/taxi:
Take a train in direction of “Nahariya” and get off at Haifa Hof HaKarmel (Razi-el) station (about 90 minutes, <50NIS). Trains run 24 hours but not during the Israeli Shabbat weekend (from Friday afternoon to Saturday night).

To get from the station to your accommodation (hotel or guesthouse) you can either cross via the underground pass to the Merkazit Khof Ha-Karmel CBS bus terminal and get a bus from there (about 30-60 minutes <10NIS) or take a taxi (about 20 minutes, 70 NIS). Taxis await outside the station during most of the day. At night, availability may be limited and you may need to call the taxi service at +972 (0)4 8555022 or +972 (0)4 8550055. 

Shared shuttle
A shuttle service run by “Amal Taxi Co.”, provides door-to-door transportation from the airport to your hotel or guesthouse in Haifa (about 90-120 minutes, 120NIS). This service is available 24/7 (including the Israeli Shabbat weekend), but you might have to wait for a long time until the driver has gathered enough people.

Provide the driver with the name and address of the hotel or guesthouse. If the driver doesn’t know where the guesthouse is, ask him/her to take you to the Technion first and seek further instructions at the main gate. Consult the airport ground transportation webpage under “Amal Service Taxis to Haifa and North of Israel” for the location of the shuttle and additional information.

Taxis to Haifa are available 24/7 via an official dispatcher just outside the arrival hall (about 90 minutes, 600 NIS). Do not use an unauthorized taxi and ask the driver to turn on the meter. Consult the airport ground transportation webpage for the location of taxis and additional information.

If you are staying in the on-campus guesthouse, just let the guards know that you are staying there for the school. This should be enough to give you permission to enter. 

Getting to the airport at the end of the school

A designated bus from the Technion to the airport, passing through the Haifa Hof HaKarmel (Razi’el)” train station, will be provided. The bus will leave right after the last talk on Friday.  Further details will be provided during the school.