Dan Panorama Hotel

The Dan Panorama hotel is located in the central Carmel center neighborhood (see map), one across from each other. It’s about 20 minutes drive to/from campus. Both hotels operate 24/7. Breakfast is included with your stay. A bus will transport all participants to/from the school venue every day (see Directions tab for further information).
Dan Panorama shared 80USD/night.
Dan Panorama single 150USD/night.


Forchheimer guesthouse
The Forchheimer guesthouse is located inside the campus (see map), about 1 minute drive / 5 minute walk from the main gate to the Technion and across from the pool complex/sports center.

The reception is open Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00. If you are arriving outside business hours, you will need to pick up your key from the security office at the main gate and check-in later.  If you need to pay for any nights yourself, please do so by Thursday.
Please note that the guesthouse does not serve breakfast.
Forchheimer single 50USD/night.
Forchheimer shared 30USD/night.